Why People don't Start buying from Indian e-Commerce sites like Flipkart.com

Today is e-world or you can say every thing is available online, you can give order of any thing from your home and the thing available at your door in 2-3 days. Have you order anything online?
I think answer would be no.
But you have must hear about most famous India eCommerce site like Flipkart.com.
Here I will discuss my experience with Flipkart.com, that How I came to know about Flipkart.com and what was my experience with Flipkart.com.
I am big fan of Indian novelist Chetan Bhagat. One day I saw that Chetan Bhagat released his new novel "What
Young India Wants". I want to read it, I searched only that is there any .pdf available for same novel.
But I doesn't got success. I tell my room-mat that Chetan Bhagat released his new novel. Next day I went to my nearest book shop, but here this novel was not available at present. Shopkeeper tell me that It will be available next week. But I was crazy to read this novel. 
I tell my room mat that it is not available on book shops nearest to us. Then my second room mat asked us why you not buy this novel online.
Then I told him that, I have no experience on online buying and does not how much I need to pay for that.
I think it would more costly than buy it form local shops.
But my room-mat not shiftily with my words. He tell me you are wrong. It will be not costly than local shops, because If you go to take it form shops then you will pay for auto, bus and your costly time.
But Flipkart.com provide free home delivery if your product cost more then 300 otherwise you need to pay Rs 30 more. And he tell that Flipkart is becoming very famous for its timely delivery, and if you don't believe then most interesting thing that you like about Flipkat.com is that, you need to pay after got your book, means Flipkart provide pay on delivery method.
Means you need to pay after Flipkart delivered your product safely. No need to pay before you got it.
 I like this thing, then I asked to my room-mat that tell me the process of buying this novel. Then he searched on net and tell me that its cost is only Rs. 90 but you need to pay Rs 120 because it cost not touch 300.
Then I order this novel, and I got it day after tomorrow. When I  got it I paid 120Rs. 
I was very happy to got it, It was new exp. for me. After that I starting buying from Flipkart.com, because I got exp. of buying thing online.
So why people not buy only. as my experience say that. Due to lack of knowledge and fear about lost money(fear to pay money online first time)
So now take enjoy and buy thing online. It is safe and secure...


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