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I am book lover and was hear that provide good platform to read ebook, watch movie etc. So I visit and they ask about credit card. Then I be careful and Google about the review of this site. So here I am sharing all best site review at one place to save your time.
These review help you to take decision that it will be good or bad to take free subscription for one month of this site. Because this site provide free subscription for 30 days. So go through all the review and take your decision.

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Discussion topic: What is "Playster" and how legit is it? Seems when I try to search for free ebooks to download, a lot of Google hits direct me to there.

Bad Review about (source of reviews is reddit)
I googled and notice the one good review out of a sea of one star reviews? Doesn't bode well. Also the fact that I consider myself fairly tech savvy and I have never heard of it prior to it coming up due to some scummy Google search optimization techniques

Good Review about (source of reviews is reddit)
I took a quick look at their blog posts, and almost all of the books I saw were for children and teenagers. Maybe there's more, but I'd think they'd feature at least a few others if they had anything good.
But they have a free trial, so if you're interested, why not try it?

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Discussion topic: use your credit card without consent !

Bad Review about of reviews is trustpilot)
  • Now I have four months trying to get out of which I visited to find certain books. On their website, I made use of their free service, but would still need to provide my mastercard. When I walked on the page, I was asked to donate $ 2.95 to UNICEF. It chose not to do, but since I have been pulled on my mastercard each month from August, September, October, November $ 2.95 + fee for the exchange in my bank. I unsubscribed and canceled my membership within the first hour of the free month. I feel cheated and they draw each month. I want my money back with bank fee for the exchange. I contacted UNICEF Denmark who contacted Unicef USA and stated that no agreements for donations with spare yourself for a visit on their side. Pure scams!Soren Weiss / Copenhagen / Denmark
  • I subscribed to playster 1 month ago for a free trial but I've never used it. Then I was trying to reconnect or to have my password sent in order to cancel my subscription but nothing was working.I was charged and I received a refund immediatly after using this trust pilot review. Thanks.
  • I clicked cancel subscription last month after finding out they did not have the book wanted despite the large selection. However I was charged a few days ago for $25 which I had not signed up for(signed up for the ebook service). Overall a sketchy customer experience, the website seemed to be designed to heavily confuse customers from cancelling their account.
  • I created an account for the free trial to see if there was any books i could use for my study. But there was not any. I cancelled my subscription allmost the same day. yet they have charged me.
  • Tried to cancel subscription and could not get link to work so I got charged. The real kicker is they didn't even have the book I was looking for. Now I can't even navigate their site to cancel.
  • Never sign up. They will take your money even if you cancel your subscription. I signed up as I was looking for a book. The site said they had it. Well they don't. And their selection is very poor. Don't waste your time. And don't use the site to cancel your subscription as they will still charge your card. After speaking to them I was told it would take 2 weeks to get my money back. Massive inconvenience. Again don't do it. Bad bad company.
  • My account was charged after signing up for a 'free' trial. Not the '$1.00 credit card authorisation' but the $1.40 charge. Really dishonest.I was also told certain books were on the site and they were not.Do yourself a huge favour and STAY AWAY from Playstar.They even sent me a link to review the company after taking the money from my account, really smart.

Good Review about of reviews is trustpilot)
  • Playster has a far greater selection of books than Kindle, and at just $7.99 per month, I can read to my heart's content. Bad news is that Occasionally, the app will lock-up. The only thing to do is to leave the book, then return; often at the wrong place.
  • I love reading and the collection of books in playster is more than what i expected. Glad I found playster.
  • I got great help with the person representing Playster with my request. She was helpful and accommodating.What I am not pleased with, is that there is NO option to get a receipt for my purchases, with a recurring bill every month. It is not a big amount (but it could have been...) and it is NOT an option at all..! I find this very strange, and this is the VERY first time AT ALL I experience that it is not possible to get a receipt at all for the charges that is done from my account.... And I do not like it, to be honest...But the agent I connected with did as good as she could, and did a great job! Besides that Playster is a great resource on books.
Now you can decide that is trusty or not based on all above review.


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